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Today, many consumers are two- to three-generations removed from farms and primary food production. By 2050, over 70 per cent of the world's population is expected to reside in urban centres. And population projections estimate that future ag industry stakeholders will need to produce food for 9 billion mouths. 

In addition, recent circumstances have consumers questioning Canada's food supply and distribution channels. 

To alleviate apprehension and answer some questions about Canadian agriculture and food production, the Renude Food Project aims to empower consumers to make informed food purchasing decisions and to build trust in the agri-food sector by sharing expert-approved information.

Our focus is to post engaging content and cultivate transparent conversations to provide reliable information about how Canadian agri-food stakeholders produce your food. We will also address food safety, assurance systems, sustainability and other important topics related to the food on your family's table. 

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